Active Wesley Hall


Spinney Hill

For over 40 years Active Wesley Hall’s Day Centre has been helping people with enduring mental health illnesses and mild learning difficulties to remain stable, develop their independence, and participate as equal citizens in the Leicester society and community.

However, In March 2014 Active Wesley Hall found its future uncertain. Funding had become difficult and the Centre needed help.

Fortunately, Active Wesley Hall reached out to the Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity. As the Day Centre is a local charitable organisation working to support those with mental health problems, the Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity was keen to help their work continue. As a result of the grant funding received, the future is thankfully no longer uncertain for Active Wesley Hall’s Day Centre.


The grant has not only helped to keep the Day Centre’s important support services running, but it’s also allowed the Day Centre to expand its offerings, increase the number of members, and support a wider range of people with its services. Some of the grant has been used to help the Day Centre cater for those with mild learning difficulties by paying for the installation of a sensory room and further training for staff and volunteers on the needs of those with more complex learning difficulties.

A high quality, informative promotional brochure has been produced and printed which allows the Day Centre to share and explain the benefits of their services to families, carers, professionals, residential homes, and individuals in a much more effective format than they previously had access to. Without the funding, it would have been a hard task to produce a brochure of such quality.

The Centre has seen the number of members and volunteers blossom as a result of funding. Initiatives such as free taster sessions have introduced new members to the Day Centre’s services, and new volunteers have been recruited and provided with training and personal development opportunities.

Another important result of the grant funding has been the newfound ability to organise day trips. Previous budget constrictions meant that outings outside of Leicester were scarce, but now the Hall can pay for coaches to facilitate day trips further afield. As the Day Centre members are involved in the planning of these trips as well as enjoying the actual visits, these day trips are of vital importance for boosting members’ confidence, identity and independence.

Some Recent Grants

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