175 Years

in the Making

Established in 1834, Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity has endeavoured to provide support to individuals of limited means suffering from mental health problems.

To achieve this most essential of aims, we provide grants and funding to support the work of mental health care and support organisations across Leicester City and County and Rutland.

Our Story

Founded in 1834, the Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity originally helped to finance the care of mental health patients in the Leicestershire and Rutland mental health hospital, which would later be known as the Carlton Hayes Hospital.

It continued this work until the foundation of the NHS in 1948, when the hospital was absorbed into the new National Health Service, and the Charity’s remit changed from sponsoring patients to providing small grants to help organisations offer services not covered by mainstream funding, such as outings, transportation, and art materials.

In 1996, the Carlton Hayes Hospital finally closed and the some of the site was sold.

Although some of the site was sold for the benefit of the NHS Services, most of the site together with The Woodlands building was retained by the Charity and finally sold in 2011. The proceeds of this sale have been invested to support the continued work of the Charity in the future.

In the current day, Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity continues to supply funding and grants to organisations providing care and support to people with mental illness across the City and County of Leicester and Rutland. It has also grown into a Charity that can engage with larger projects and actively strive for better insight into where the needs for funding in mental health care are greatest.

For over 175 years the Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity has provided financial assistance that has allowed local mental health organisations to offer services that are not covered by mainstream funding, such as outings, transportation, and art materials.


  • The Charity is Founded

    The Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity is established.

  • Proposing a Better System

    Proposals for the establishment of a county asylum are put forward in light of the poor conditions of existing mental health institutions.

  • Finance & Management

    The finance and management of the county asylum is to be shared between the Charity and County representatives.

  • A New Building

    The Leicestershire County Lunatic Asylum building is completed and opened.

  • Patients from Rutland

    The Asylum broadens its remit to include patients from Rutland.

  • A New Site

    A new site is purchased for a new, larger institution in Narborough.

  • The New Narborough Hospital

    The new Narborough hospital opens. The Board of Charity Commissioners approve the scheme for the Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity, then called The Charity of the Leicestershire and Rutland Asylum.

  • The Hospital is Renamed

    The Narborough hospital is renamed the Leicestershire and Rutland Mental Hospital.

  • A Final Name Change

    The hospital is renamed again to Carlton Hayes Hospital.

  • Welcoming the NHS

    The Carlton Hayes Hospital becomes part of the National Health Service.

  • The Hospital Closes

    The Carlton Hayes Hospital finally closes its doors and the site is sold to Alliance and Leicester. At this time, the Woodlands building is retained by the Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity and used as offices by NHS staff.

  • Funding the Charity's Future

    The Woodlands building is sold by the Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity and the proceeds are invested to support the Charity's future work.

Some Recent Grants

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