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The Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity organises and encourages Special Events such as workshops and seminars with the aim of increasing understanding of various topics within the mental health sector.

This page will be feature more information about our past Special Events and updates concerning our future initiatives. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in attending or being involved.

Special Events

From time to time, the Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity organises Special Events such as workshops or seminars in order to further knowledge and understanding of various topics within mental health care. The Charity believes this to be an important endeavour that increases understanding of mental health issues and contributes to keeping all those involved in the mental health sector up to date with changes or developments. 

Previous workshops have concerned such topics as changes in funding within the Social Security system or in grant support to voluntary organisations working with people with mental health problems. The purpose of this workshop was to allow CHMHC, the Leicestershire Partnership Trust, and other invited representatives from voluntary agencies and local authorities to gain insight into the fundamental recent changes to funding in social and health care, and to also provide the attendees with a platform for discussion. 

A future workshop on mental health services for young people is currently in the early stages of planning. We invite organisations and agencies to express any interest in attending this workshop as they wish. Other details of our future workshops and seminars will be added to this page as they are confirmed, as will any other interesting or important news items that concern Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity's work in the local area. 


  • Better Care Together – Future in Mind Launch

    The Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity was delighted to sponsor an important partnership event, which launched the local blueprint for transforming mental health and emotional wellbeing support for children and young people across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

    The Future in Mind plan is part of Better Care Together - a five year plan which brings together local NHS, local authority and patient voice partners to make sure that the needs of people are met throughout their lives.

    The event at Voluntary Action LeicesterShire included 128 participants from 43 organisations, enabling learning to be shared across organisations and sectors.

    The NHS, councils and voluntary services secured an extra £1.89 million for children’s mental health last December.  The event provided opportunities to understand how this funding will be used to help young people facing difficulties such as anxiety, depression, self-harm and eating disorders and also how it will support the promotion of emotional health and wellbeing through schools and other communities.

    The event included:

    • presentations and films made by young people about how they are codesigning services and also highlighting some of the experiences that make these services so important 
    • demonstrations of the new online counselling service(Kooth) and Heath for Teens website
    • an update on the development of a crisis resolution and home treatment service
    • an update on local improvements to eating disorders services
    • examples of how voluntary sector organisations are contributing to the development and delivery of innovative services 


    A spokesperson for Better Care Together said:  “It’s really important that young people needing mental health support can access the right help at the right time. The NHS, councils and others are sharing knowledge, expertise and resources to make real improvements.”

    Better Care Together – Future in Mind Launch
  • Special Event: Future in Mind

    This event will be held on Thursday 14th April, Orange Rooms, Voluntary Action Leicester, Newarke Street, Leicester. The Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity is proud to be working with organisations across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to deliver an event focussed on local services for the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people. The event will see the launch of the local ‘Future in Mind’ plan and will be opportunity for individuals and organisations to:

    • Share the latest thinking, experiences and expertise.
    • Hear direct about the experiences of service users, their families and clinicians.
    • Share good practice in workshops, presentations and from display materials.
    • Help to identify how agencies and organisations can develop new ways of working together.

    Further information on the event will be announced over the next few weeks, including booking details. There are opportunities for presentations, workshops and displays on the day. If you have good practice to share, please download our expression of interest form. Details of how to send the form back to us can be found on the cover page. 

    Special Event: Future in Mind
  • Workshop: Funding Changes to Voluntary Mental Health Bodies

    Hosted by LPT and the Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity, this workshop explored the fundamental changes that are being introduced to the way funding for social and health care reaches individuals in need and their carers. It aimed to understand the effects of these changes on service users and the voluntary sector and provide a discussion platform for representatives of local voluntary agencies and authorities.

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