The Centre Project

The Centre Project is a Leicester based charity that works to support vulnerable people within society. They work to reduce isolation and promote wellbeing. The Centre Project is a place where those who are alone and socially isolated can find acceptance, a sense of belonging and renewed purpose. Their work is directed towards helping people enhance their life chances.

Carlton Hayes has recently signed off a £5000 grant which will enable them to employ 2 mental health workers who will work at the Centre for a total of 10 hours per week (during a pilot scheme).

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Adhar Project

The Adhar Project works to support members of the the local Asian, African and Caribbean community who are affected by mental health issues. The Project offers a range of services, activities and sessions conducted in main Asian languages set in culturally appropriate environments in order to provide educational and social experiences for service users and their carers.

Carlton Hayes has supported the Adhar Project in its important work for several years, awarding funding to keep vital sessions and services running.

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Giving World

Giving World believes in helping to create a society in which no one is in want because nothing is wasted. They raise awareness of this concept by redistributing surplus items to those in need, providing thousands of life essentials each year that otherwise would have been sent to landfill.

Carlton Hayes provided funding for Giving World’s ever popular volunteer programme, which seeks to provide learning opportunities and work experience for vulnerable people in the community.

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Albert Street Artists

Albert Street Artists is an independent self-help, mental health arts group that is entirely member-led and managed. The group provide creative opportunities, stability, friendship and inclusion for people with conditions that often leave them alienated and without the confidence or social skills to make connections with other people.

Members can take part in a multitude of artistic activities to express themselves creatively, which often leads to vital self-discovery and insight. Carlton Hayes has supported Albert Street Artists with funding for project work, equipment and activities.

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Active Wesley Hall

Active Wesley Hall has been helping people with mental health illnesses and learning difficulties to develop their independence and participate as equal citizens in the Leicester community for over 40 years.

Grant funding from the Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity has enabled the Active Wesley Hall Day Centre to continue and expand the valuable support it gives to those with mental health problems and mild learning difficulties and has benefitted from new facilities, a printed brochure, further staff training and transportation for outings.

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Charity Link

Charity Link provides financial aid to thousands of individuals and families living in the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland areas who are suffering from poverty, hardship and crisis.

Funding received from the Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity has enabled Charity Link to extend its essential support services to individuals suffering from mental health problems, a previously difficult to achieve aim due to severely limited accessible funds.

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Strides! is a user-led group of people who have experienced mental distress. Its members help each other to meet new challenges, gain confidence, and lead independent and fulfilling lives. The group runs a programme of educational, social and recreational activities to encourage social confidence and to confront negative perceptions of mental health.

Funding from Carlton Hayes has allowed Strides! to facilitate residential trips in which members experience social living, communal responsibility and participation. 

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Advance offer people the assistance they need to live the life they choose. For forty years, Advance has supported people coming out of institutional care to live the way they want to live. They support thousands of people with health issues, mental health issues or disabilities who want more choice, more control, and more opportunities.

Funding from the Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity has enabled Advance to organise day trips for their Leicester-based customers, many of who do not get the opportunity to leave their properties or the area. 

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Some Recent Grants

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